Alpaka Paradies

Why alpacas?

Alpacas as livestock

In the past alpacas were mainly kept for meat production
in their original home in the Andes.  However, in 500 A.D.
a change in favour of wool production could be seen.

Since around 1980 these animals can be found in
increasing numbers outside South America.
Their wool is of the highest quality and
is sometimes called "The Fibre of the Gods"

Alpaca wool is becoming more and more popular
nowadays as it is especially suitable for allergy
sufferers and those with rheumatism or gout.

Alpacas as pets and companions

With their large, dark eyes and gentle grace alpacas make the hearts of adults and children melt.

Alpacas are very sensitive to hustle and bustle and so induce people to act calmly around them.  This is why they are sometimes used in therapy for children and adults with emotional issues.  A walk accompanied by an alpaca on a lead rein is always a joyful experience.

Although alpacas are not soft toys, and don´t really like stroking too much, they are trusting and curious.

In relation to husbandry, alpacas are straightforward and adaptable.
With access to good grazing land and exercise other costs are manageable.

Unlike sheep for example, alpacas naturally defend themselves against predators and produce wool of a much higher quality.
They are very clean and, as they make a communal dung pile, make less work for the owner.